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We love dogs... especially puppies (who doesn't!).

They're fluffy, cheeky and naughty and we love who they are and what kind of dog they will be when they're older (hopefully a more relaxed, less-whiney dog!). But getting a puppy is difficult because we don't completely know what they need or where to get everything from.

Puppy Parcels is a family business consisting of a happy couple and a wonderful puppy called Holly - a Dalmatian of 5 months of age at the time of writing - she has so much character and energy, but we love her for it.

Puppy owners have a hard enough time, from waiting for their puppy to receive their second jab to going out walking for the first time and expel that supernova-like energy, to training them to go to the loo outside.

Since we became the owners of our Dalmatian, we began spending hundreds of pounds over the course of the next few months on all kinds of variations of shampoo, beds, toys, treats, food, harness, collar and the list goes on, before we found the right brands. We believe that it should be easier for puppy owners to find the right products that their friendly companions need, and all in a few clicks, saving money and hours upon hours of research.

We've hand picked a selection of Puppy Parcels for you to choose from, ranging from absolutely everything we believe your puppy needs to the essentials.

PLEASE NOTE: All products have been tried and tested by Holly, who gives her personal a-paw-val.

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